XSProject highlights the huge number of invisible populations living in poverty - the people who live with trash.

There are an estimated 350,000 – 450,000 trash pickers in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

Most trash pickers are undocumented and are living on a monthly income of about AUD$35 - 40 per family. Unlike valued “sanitation workers” in many other countries who have insurance, benefits, uniforms, decent salaries, vacations and enjoy social recognition, these migrant populations are “invisible” living off the droppings of our consumer habits.

Although we depend on their services to continually clean our surroundings, increasing consumer appetites have put an ever growing strain on the environment. Proper recycling is nonexistent in much of Southeast Asia while trash pickers look for items that can be sold for recycling for their fragile incomes.

XSProject looks for waste materials that we can buy from trash pickers that will bring them new income flows.

A glimpse into the lives of the trashpickers

Many of you are curious about the lives of the trashpickers. To answer some of your questions, we have interviewed Zulkarnaen and Saparudin - many thanks to both of them for their openness and good-humour.